Episode 74 - Doctor Who and The Silurians

We dive back into Classic Who this week and visit 3rd Doctor John Pertwee again. This time he's teamed up Liz Shaw and the Brigadier to take on the ancient and deadly Silurians.
It's a seven episode adventure, so the recap is a bit longer than normal, but as you've come to expect, we keep it entertaining. And despite the fact that the story was stretched to seven episodes, it's still a really good story. Check out our discussion and let us know what you thought.

Episode 65 - The End of Time (Parts 1 and 2)

It's the end of the line for the Tenth Doctor, and The Master and Wilf are there to give him a send off. Also, we get to celebrate Christmas! Old companions and old foes make an appearance.
The End of Time is also the last Russell T. Davies penned Doctor Who episode. So, yeah, there is a lot of ground to cover this week and more than enough to talk about even before we get to the regeneration!

Episode 62 - Planet of the Dead

Take the Doctor, a sassy new companion, put them on a desert planet with a double decker bus and you got yourself in a whole heap of shenanigans . You also have this week's episode, Planet of the Dead, billed as the 200th story of Doctor Who.

This is the second episode of the David Tennant specials. In the coming weeks we'll have a special send off episode for David Tennant and Russell T. Davies. Let us know what you thought about Tennant's tenure as the Doctor and Davies' run as the head writer and we'll be sure to include your messages in that upcoming episode.

Episode 58 - Turn Left

Are you into alternate timelines? Do you like to imagine what the world would be like without the Doctor? Do you love giant bugs who give back hugs? Then do we have the episode for you. In the lead up to the Series 4 finale, we have Turn Left. Donna Noble takes the lead as the world crumbles around her. And a companion from the past returns. All that and more!