Episode 127 - Robot of Sherwood

Prince of Thieves, Men in Tights, and now the Doctor and Clara. It seems everyone has had a crack at the Robin Hood story and this week Doctor Who takes aim at the legend. Did this episode make Vince, Beth and Kris want to join up with the Merry-men?

Episode 126 - Into the Dalek

The Doctor comes to face to face with his oldest foe in the smallest way. You read that right. This week, 12 and Clara go Into the Dalek, and Vince, Beth, and Kris go Into a Conversation.

Episode 125 - Deep Breath

The 12th Doctor is here for new adventures! We kick off his journey with an old foe and some old friends. Take a Deep Breath, things are going to get intense this series.

Episode 124 - The Twin Dilemma

One could say that John Nathan Turner and crew really choked on this first outing for the 6th Doctor. If you watched the episode, you get the joke. If you didn't watch the episode, then you consider yourself lucky. This week we're talking about, The Twin Dilemma.

Episode 123 - Let's Put a Bow on 11

Fez's are red, bowties are cool. We love the 11th Doctor, how about you?
This week we celebrate Matt Smith's run in the Tardis and talk about how the 11th Doctor changed the course of the program by reveling in the show's history.

Episode 122 - The Time of the Doctor

It's Christmas again this week and as the tradition has become in Doctor Who, someone is going to regenerate. This week we join the 11th Doctor on his last adventure, but the Doctor's adventures are far from over.

Episode 121 - The Day of the Doctor

Geronimo! Allons-y! Oh for God's sake, let's just talk about the 50th Anniversary special already. 50 years in the making, this week we're talking about The Day of the Doctor.

Episode 120 - The Shorts

This week is a special one full of Doctors! We're talking about the Doctor Who Shorts, oddly enough this is one of our longest episodes. Below are links to the shorts so you can watch them too!

Episode 119 - An Unearthly Child

This week we go back to the beginning, or as beginning as you can get with a time traveler. We're talking about An Unearthly Child with the 1st Doctor, Susan, Barbara and Ian. An if caveman politics sounds interesting to you, than you are in luck! It's as classic as it gets this week.

Episode 118 - The Terror of the Zygons

They're big, they're red, they're icky and they love lasagna, they're the Zygons! Today we revisit Classic Who and discuss the 4th Doctor Adventure, Terror of the Zygons. It's a great story that gives a look at everything great about Classic Who and everything not so great.

Episode 117 - Series 7 Recap

It's been a heck of a series with companions going and coming, and classic monsters returning. This week we talk about everything that happened in Series 7! Did we miss something? Let us know!

Episode 116 - The Name of the Doctor

The final episode of Series 7 is here! Will we find out what makes Clara the Impossible Girl? Will we find out the name of the Doctor? Will we find out what that white stuff is that gets on chocolate? Seriously, what is that stuff?
This week we discuss the Name of the Doctor and all its Moffat-iness.

Episode 115 - Nightmare in Silver

They're sleeker, they're shinier, they're upgradier, they're the Cybermen and they're back this time to get the Doctor, Clara and those two rascals she looks after. There are a lot of opinions about this second outing by writer Neil Gaiman. Find out where we come down on this one. Let us know what you think.

Episode 114 - The Crimson Horror

If you like Victorian horror AND hijinks, then this is the episode for you! The Baker Street Irregulars (Vastra, Jenny and Strax)are back to team up with the Doctor and Clara as they take on a mean old woman and her... well... prehistoric leech. We'll get into it.

Episode 113 - Journey to the Centre of the Tardis

You've seen the Control Room, now get a look at the pool, library, observatory, closet, engine room, tree of life room, scary monster room, and... where the heck in the bathroom? Some of these questions get answered this week as we talk about the Series 7 episode, Journey to the Centre of the Tardis.

Episode 112 - Castrovalva

It's the first adventure with the 5th Doctor this week. He has three companions along for the ride... or is it two?
The new Doc goes cricket bat to mustache against the Master in this classic story. It's a fun dip into Classic Who this week on WDWN.