Episode 137 - The Holiday

To round out 2018, we're keeping the holiday season going and talking about the 2006 feature film, The Holiday. It's a little break from Doctor Who as we give the WDWN treatment to something that is pretty far removed from Doctor Who.
Next week we get back into our Tardis for more talk about our favorite Timelord, but for this week, please join us for something different, and something special. 
Also, the show goes off the rails around the 60 minute mark, so buckle the hell up for that.

Episode 134 - Flatline

The Doctor is trapped inside his Tardis! And the Tardis is shrinking?! Well let me be the first to welcome our 2-Dimensional overlords. Personally, I've never had much use for that silly old third dimension.
What's that?
Clara is going to save us all?
Ok. In that case, suck it 2-Dimensional monsters! Third Dimension rules!